Animation Contest

Competition shortlist - New Poll - let us know what you think, vote and comment (2)
Animation Contest - submit your idea or vote on your favourite (4)
Rules, Legal, FAQ (1)
Newtonian Penguins (7)
Animation Contest: Cute animals playing tennis or volleyball (3)
The Lotus Spirit aquatic car from the classic 007 movie (5)
LIFE - Birth-growing-walking through life-aging-death (5)
Surf and Turf (see image) (7)
Animals that change their skin (like snakes) and become other animals (2)
Georges Méliès rocket hitting the man in the moon (1)
Animation Idea: Evolution and Devolution of Man (11)
Animation Idea: Poor man's life (1)
Animation Idea: Butterfly emerges from, and then folds back into cocoon (5)
2018 World Cup Winning Goal or Stages of Creation (1)
Animation Idea: Dog chasing ball (1)
Animation Idea - Surf (1)
Animation Idea: Frog Life Cycle (3)
Animation Idea: Robot Deterioration (8)
Animation Idea: Snowball (1)
Animation Idea: Mitosis (1)
Animation Idea: Swarm (1)
Animation Idea: Octopus (5)
Animation Idea: The Seasons (5)
Animation Idea: Flowers and Bees (3)
Animation Idea: Hit the Wall (3)
Animation idea: Labyrinth ascension and rebirth (18)
Animation idea: Sea you trout! (7)
Animation idea: Robot reincarnation (11)
Animation Idea: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall (4)
Animation idea: Halloween Run (7)