2018 World Cup Winning Goal or Stages of Creation


Hey all,

I would love to see either the winning World Cup Goal of 2018 or the stages of creation;

From Genesis 1:3-31
Day 1: light; day and night (3-5)
Day 2: expanse (6-8)
Day 3: dry land and vegetation (9-13)
Day 4: heavenly luminaries e.g stars, celestial lights (14-19)
Day 5: fish and birds (20-23)
Day 6: land animals and humans (24-31)

The second idea would be a masterpiece even if it were accomplished in part lol. Worst sketcher/designer so, if you think they’re are good ideas help me in improving it and producing a story board! Might have to wait a bit for the World Cup idea though :weary: