Animation Idea: Evolution and Devolution of Man


I’d like to see the (de)evolution of man! evolving/devolving!!!?


Hey @r17z - this had actually crossed my mind before, as a demonstration piece to help explain animation multiplexing but I couldn’t see how to make it work.

However, now that you’ve brought it up, and highlighted the evolve/devolve loop I can see a neat way to make it work, and I think it will make a fantastic animation, as well as being a great multiplexing demo piece.

Have a look at this - if you like it, I think Johnathan and I will work more on it, and try to make a 2d animated story wheel. It’ll be a week or two, lots of stuff going on right now, but I like this one…



Hi Kevin!

You really think it’d work!? I saw this in the news today and was blown away by the effect. I then checked out this page and after reading various ideas it seemed obvious to choose this.

I imagined it to be davinci style in look or in the classic style of this idea.

The evolving/devolving idea was an after thought but unsure if this is viable being a longer sequence. I guess a larger diameter will allow for more frames?




I’d like to be the proud owner of one of these, it’s amazing!



Everyone that I have shown this to absolutely loves this idea. I wish that I was able to contribute more but have very little time & equipment to even attempt to do more.

I will visit the site as often as I can to see all of these ideas develop.

Good luck all !


I’m not understanding this diagram. is it like, when animated, the evolving figure appears to move forward, while the devolving one moves back? And in the middle, they join like half-way there?


I’m sure that this concept will become a little clearer soon, this diagram is just showing the direction flow for the sequence.

I’m sure that it will work very well!


@carolmdieter - r1 is right, but it’s worth going into a little more detail I think, because it occurred to me this morning that this diagram (The Path diagram) is probably the first thing to make when planning a multiplexed animation.

It shows the path of the ‘actors’ in the animation. If you want an animation to take more than one revolution of the carousel to watch, the animation actors have to have a path. Then you can break the path into X number of ‘slices’ and have X number of actors in each frame performing each slice.

An observer watching one actor for one carousel revolution, only sees one slice of the complete animation. The observer has to watch the carousel rotate X times to see all the connected slices and hence the whole animation.

So when planning a multiplexed animation, you need a path that fits what your actors are doing, and that is
identical in every frame. Because I’d already been thinking about the evolution of man as an animation, when r1 submitted the idea and completed the loop by adding “devolving” I suddenly realised how it would work.

Two paths in each frame, each ending as the beginning of the same two paths in the next frame. So the Evolving path in one frame segues into the Devolving path of the next frame, and the Devolving path segues into the Evolving path. As for where the paths cross in the middle, imagine a marching band, but not so regimented.

@r17z I do want to work on this to take it though to a 2D animated story board, along with a few others. I’m afraid it’s going to be a week or two before we start though.


Where the two meet, it could be a single figure! The midpoint of the evolution/devolution would be the same.


So did anyone win the competition yet!?


We’ll be running the competition during the Kickstarter campaign - starting in about a week