Animation Idea: Flowers and Bees


Starting at the center, a flower opens and releases a cute little bee who buzzes down the length of the frame and lands on another flower that closes around it. The main animation portions are:

  • Flower 1 opening
  • Flower 1 closing
  • Bee flying (wings moving)
  • Bee position changing (moving from one flower to another along a snaking path)
  • Flower 2 opening
  • Flower 2 closing


  • The bee will grow in size as it moves across the frame.

(my numbers go the wrong way, ignore them)



again great work - and again, way to go making a 60-frame-plus animated story on a 20 frame carousel!! :sunglasses:

One comment repeating what I’ve said on the octopus - space being restricted closer to the centre - can the bee increase in size as it travels out?


Sure, the bee can certainly increase in size. Also It can be more of a cartoon bee if needed, especially since it would probably start off fairly small like the fish. Now I want to come up with an idea that uses the size increase more purposefully… hmm…