Animation Idea: Frog Life Cycle


So, I drew the frogs tiny. They should take up far more space but I hope this is enough to get the idea. This is a double cross over so I included a diagram of the motion.

Part 1: The egg hatches into a tadpole
Part 2: The tadpole develops legs
Part 3: The tadpole develops into a full grown frog
Part 4: The frog lays an egg
Part 5: The frog leaps away (into a hole, off the frame, frog dies and decomposes, something…)



Ok - I am very impressed - I didn’t notice you’d done the 2D animations until now - maybe there’s a setting I need to tweak somewhere in the Discourse admin that will highlight topics that have been updated … anyway - fantastic work :slight_smile:

I didn’t really get this one until I saw it working. It’s very very cool.

I do have one suggestion though - what if the animation path was reversed radially; so that the frogs were jumping into a pool at the perimeter instead of near the centre?

That way the dimensions of the segments could better match the size progression of the frogs to adulthood and pool diving.


Yeah, that’s fine by me, I had a hard time picking where the frog should lay the egg/jump away so I wasn’t completely sold on this direction of movement.

If I ever get another stretch of spare time I’ll do some more and redo some of the animations in Illustrator so the lines are cleaner… but life got busy all of a sudden!