Animation idea: Halloween Run


My son has loved watching the zoetrope and wanted me to submit an idea on his behalf.
He hasn’t thought of a name just yet for it, but he has an idea for a skeleton holding 2 swords who is attacking a pumpkin (pumpkin must have a jet pack) as he walks towards the pumpkin, he bends down to slice him but misses and stabs himself with both swords.
He tried to draw it but we struggled with it.


Maybe he can start by drawing the two main characters without worrying about the animation.Then create a comic strip to show the action.


Hey @carolmdieter thanks for the tip we tried using the wheel but couldn’t decide on some parts…


I like the idea of having a Halloween theme with the Skeleton and pumpkins. At the moment it doesn’t sound like a loop though. The skeleton would have to come back to “life” somehow or maybe transform into the pumpkin?


Hi @johnathanscoon Khaleel was thinking that once he stabs himself he falls into a pile of bones then becomes whole again?


Ok great, yes, that makes a loop. I agree with @carolmdieter that drafting a comic strip storyboard first would help with fleshing out the idea. Keep in mind now that we have an attack, a death and a resurrection happening all within barely one second so it’s likely it’s going to get frenetic so that is something to be wary of. I would consider incorporating multiplexing to lengthen the loop in this case (see description in competition post). You may need to adjust the story a bit though. When introducing more characters into a loop with multiplexing, it tends only to work if a character dies or merges with or transforms into another character. For example with the fish loop the fish gets eaten by the upcoming fish. In the frog loop the frog that is jumping then becomes the one who is crawling.



Sorry if I’ve done this in the wrong place.

My son has changed his mind a little about his idea.

He now wants the skeleton to make a gigantic leap towards the pumpkin. As he swoops down he clasps himself (like a hug) and his head falls off. At this point the pumpkin has jet packed to safety. The skeleton then bends down to pick up his head and stick it back on. Would this work?