Animation Idea: Hit the Wall


Ok, this one is a bit weird. Can you incorporate LEDs in to these? Fiber optics? Not necessary but it would be cool. Anyways:

A figure sprints from the center of the disk towards the edge and when it hits the edge, explodes into a shower of sparks. I’m thinking put a sheet of clear acrylic at the edge of each frame and paint the sparks or etch the acrylic and light it from the edge so the etchings glow. Maybe encase the whole thing in acrylic so the wall looks purposeful, like the figure is trying to escape the box. The figure would be stylized in a futuristic way.


Cool idea - but I can rule out custom effects (lighting, etching, etc…) per animation. They all have to be 3D printable for a standard 4-Mation machine, so folks can buy a base machine and just print their own animation downloaded from us. Without any extra effects I’m not sure this animation would be as interesting to watch as others.

But again great work, and another perfect example of how to fit a 60-frame-plus story into 20 frames :sunglasses:


Lol, no worries, this one was a bit out there. I couldn’t even figure out how to really storyboard it well.