Animation Idea: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall


I think Humpty Dumpty should sit on a brick wall in the center, then he falls and cracks open. Next a bird flies out and flies back over where Humpty Dumpty was initially sitting and births out another Humpty Dumpty Egg.



Hi Ethan

I like it - so the bird emerges from the broken humpty dumpty egg - very cool loop mechanism there.

Two minor questions; what happens to the left over broken egg shells, and the bird after laying the egg?

I guess the intention is the bird “exits stage right” - it literally flies off the carousel? That might be fine, but if there was some other way to finish the bird stage that was animated that might be better.

The broken eggshell is less of an issue, it could just sink/shrink into the carousel surface for example, but did you have any ideas on how it should end? in you story board wheel the eggshell appears to be travelling out to the carousel rim?

Finally - I think this animation would definitely benefit from multi-plexing, perhaps two birds and two humptys. for example if the bird lays the new egg in the frame just after the “old” humpty falls. So that the wall is occupied for 19 or 20 frames.

Basically, you’re creating “copies” of the characters in the animation, and each copy gets 20 frames to do its part of the story, hence the story is multiplied in length by the number of copies.

Each frame will have two humptys in different stages of their lifecycle, and you’ll have to watch two rotations of the carousel to see humpty being born to being broken, and 4 rotations of the carousel to watch the full story through to the end of the bird.


The bird could possibly carry the egg shell with it, but I like your idea of the egg shells absorbing into the ground. After the bird lays the egg, the egg could get so big it rolls over the bird thus making it disappear while the humpty dumpty face and appendages surface on the other side of the egg as it rolls up. If there are two humptys it might be fun to give one girl features and a different color bird. Please feel free to take my idea and tweek it all you want, I just want to help anyway I can because I love your amazing zoetropes!