Animation Idea: Octopus


An octopus emerges from a cave near the middle of the disc and crawls to the edge where it disappears in a pool of water.


  • The octopus can be stylized or cartoon to make animating it possible.
  • The octopus will grow in size as it moves across the frame.
  • The color of the octopus could change from matching the rocks as it emerges to being brighter with more contrast as it approaches the pool of water.
  • Also changing the texture would be awesome, but maybe not possible in this medium.



Wow, great work - I love it :star_struck: you’ve totally nailed animation multiplexing!

Two comments : obviously there’s less space for the octopus nearer the centre, so either the octopus increases in size as it approaches the pool, or given that octopi can fit through the smallest spaces, perhaps there is terrain it has to squeeze through on it’s way to the pool.

Which leads us to the second comment - animating an octopus is not going to be easy, animating an octopus sqeezing through terrain is probably even less easy …

So - perhaps if the octopus is somewhat cartoonized as per the current fish animation, rather than “realistic” like the frogs? and perhaps it grows as it progresses out to the pool?


Thanks! I saw your video on Facebook and followed the trail back here. When I saw this competition I printed out your template 20 times, it was so much fun! I’ll probably add more ideas too. :grin:

I have no problem with the octopus growing in size or being more stretched out as he winds between rocks at the beginning. And a cartoon octopus is also no problem. While a realistic octopus would be amazing I have done both 3D printing and animation myself before and completely understand the challenge.

Oh, but one thing that he probably COULD do, change color/texture a little from a more rock-like color/texture to something brighter/smoother as he moves because octopus are masters at camouflage! That would be awesome. Like, rough and mottled brown/green to smooth purple with yellow/orange/red markings.


Yes changing colour to match background would be awesome, and also provides added mental “friction” (fascination factor) with the 3D octopus changing colour to match a 2D printed carousel cover.

Changing colour and texture would be even more awesome - but adds to animation complexity, perhaps significantly …


Hey, we can dream big for now while it’s just an idea in the brain. Easier to cut excess features later than add them after the design is done.