Animation Idea: Robot Deterioration


A robot emerges from a door near the end of the frame, it is new and shiny. As it walks, it starts to rust. Soon pieces are falling off, rusting into nothing where they lay. Right before the robot reaches the end of the frame, the last piece falls to the ground (torso and leg(s)) and rusts where it falls.

Walk cycles from above don’t look like much.



cool concept with great loop start and end - but the problem is scale - the robot has to be so small coming out of the door.

If the loop was reversed and the robot was walking and rusting toward the hub that could work with scale, but pretty much ruins the observation angle …


What are the dimensions of a single frame? I recall 32mm from somewhere but I’m unsure which dimension that is or if I’m even in the right ballpark.


320mm is the diameter of the whole carousel.

Here are the dimensions of a single frame/segment. Note an inner circle of radius 38mm is out of bounds.


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Oops - drawing was wrong - just corrected it.
I confused the degrees per segment with the number of segments. 360/20 = 18 degrees (not 20deg as it was) which of course shrinks the two width dimensions a bit.


@kevin1: what about the height of the carousel? How high can I go?


@carolmdieter that’s tricky - we need distance from the LEDs to get even illumination, so maximum height is a lot less than the distance from the carousel surface to the frame “ceiling” (in which the LEDs are mounted) - Also there’s the question of centrifugal force which means that higher objects need stronger support.

Mainly I’d say its about illumination. Between the fish and the frogs, with the height of the fish at 3.5cm at the perimeter and most of the frogs under 1.5cm - there’s already a noticeable difference in illumination. The fish are noticeably dimmer in the spaces not directly under the LEDs.

So I’d say 4cm is a maximum for objects near the edge.

Near the center though there’s more even light and less centrifugal force, so you could probably go as high as even 10cm at the inner edge, although this would make slotting the carousel on to the hub awkward, since you wouldn’t be able to see the top side of the hub.