Animation idea: Sea you trout!


Sea You Trout!

Perching Osprey spots trout in water.Starts to swoop in for a catch,trout leaps out of the water and is caught mid-air by the Osprey but drops it straight into an awaiting Otters jaws.
Osprey glides up and back round to its hunting spot…The Otter drags the trout underwater but it escapes and jumps back to its original spot.

Inner Circle-Osprey Perching Point
Mid Circle-Trout jumps up
Outer Circle-Otter comes up slowly opens jaws ,catches Trout and pulls it underwater then Trout escapes-emerges from water and leaps to Middle Circle

The cycle starts again.

Sorry about drawings- very difficult to draw with a mouse.

That’s the idea so far.

I forgot to mention sequence goes anti-clockwise from 12’o’clock.:grin:


Hi Melinda! Thanks for the early entry. I’m loving the concept here and that title :slight_smile: . It definitely works as a loop and I don’t think I could have done much better drawings using a mouse myself. Nevertheless I think you’ve done a great job illustrating the concept.

However, I think as it is a 20 frame loop, all the action taking place would probably be a bit too fast to read unless we introduce some multiplexing. I think we might need at least two birds so that the length of a single bird’s loop would be have an additional 20 frames.

So, for instance the first bird could maybe stay perched for maybe 5 more frames, at which point the second bird would be on its way back to the perch, possibly in the same position as it is on frame 13 going anti-clockwise on your current loop.

It may be difficult to illustrate in 2D on the wheel without the birds colliding at some point but I think that’s ok as I think the paths could be worked out so that they don’t collide in 3D space.


Hi Melinda - thanks for the entry - and for using the template! I think your story-board wheel is very readable, it’s exactly what we’re looking for when people describe their ideas.

Like Johnathan I also think the animation could benefit from more Osprey’s - I probably need to think of another phrase besides “animation multiplexing” since it makes it sound so involved.

Basically - if you have an “actor” in your animation (in this case the Osprey) - if you can multiply that actor, so that the copies follow the same path loop, then you get extra frames for that actor. So if you have two ospreys in every frame, you’ll get 40 frames of Osprey animation instead of 20. The same might apply to the trout, (not sure about the otter)

Also - “underwater” is going to be difficult to do. Unless you mean we just see the trout fin above the water surface? For this animation I can only imagine that the water surface is the printed paper surface of the carousel…


Hi Jonathan!
Thanks for the feedback!

I was trying to keep it simple-so each creature would eventually end up in its original position after the 20 position sequence.(Hence the swooping upwards once the trout was lost-and flying up side down and flipping at the end for the osprey)
Never crossed my mind the ‘story’ would be too elaborate for one loop.0.6 secs is it!

So point taken.

Multiplexing-two ospreys.One Osprey spotting then catching followed by losing the trout.The other turning around and heading back to perched position.

The Otter literally just bobs up grabs trout and bobs down.

Trout jumps up is caught,then dropped into the Otters jaws and dragged underwater(i.e you can only see its tail)Then leaps out and goes back to the middle circle again.

So only the Osprey is in need of being doubled in your opinion?

Thanks again for your response.

Love the Fish Zoetrope you have produced,by the way!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your response.

I’m glad I used the template correctly and got the main idea across.

I was trying to get each creature back to its original position within the 20 frames but understand your point of having another Osprey.

With regard to your point,about ‘the underwater’ part of the story:
Yes ,you are right you will only see the creatures above the surface of the water-the printed paper surface of carousel will be the sea part of the ‘Story’.

Only the head of Otter coming up for example not the whole thing(I tried to illustrate this with the circles on the outer ring of the template)…grabbing the trout …going down with it(just tail visible).Trout escapes(jumps from outer circle) and leaps back to middle circle,where it is caught by the Osprey again.

Do you think this whole idea can work if another Osprey is added?

One perched catches trout,loses it to the Otter.Second Osprey turns itself round from outer circle and heads back to it perched position.

Thanks for your feedback!


Hi Melinda,

Yes I think this is a really good idea, and will be even better with more osprey frames. I think we will need a new more detailed story board wheel though.



Good to see some new topics have popped up.
I hope my idea can be moved forward with some Osprey Multiplexing.
If I get time-I’ll try to plot a Path.
Like the evolve/devolve one you posted.

Exciting Stuff.