Animation Idea: The Seasons


Cycling around the frame is a tree that is going through the four seasons. Starting in winter with no leaves, buds start to grow and bloom into flowers. Then the flowers die away leaving vividly green foliage. After the peak of summer the leaves turn yellow, orange, and red before falling off and returning to winter.


  • Instead of full blow trees, the object going through the seasons would be a twig with a single leaf/bud on it. Or a single flower.



I’m not 100% sure I follow this one - I think there’s overlapping paths in and out from the centre? starting from the centre the tree travels out to the rim going through spring and summer and then travelling back to the hub going through fall and winter?

Very interesting - not as immediately arresting as the octopus or the bees, but probably just because I didn’t get it at first - and I’m still not 100% sure I have it right… it might be awesome …

On the practical side though, I think this animation could be problematic because with a 32cm carousel the detail of the leaves and flowers would have to be so reduced for physical production as to reduce it’s impact.


Haha, I don’t blame you, this one bent my brain a bit too. I wanted to try a different kind of movement than just start in the middle, move to the edge so I tried to figure out a full cycle, moving around and back to the starting place. On each frame there are always four trees and they move around the edge in an ellipse. I made a diagram to help but it was too busy to draw the frames over. Here it is:

As for the practicality, what if instead of a tree it was a single twig with a single bud/flower/leaf? Or a patch of dirt with a flower that sprouted, budded, bloomed, went to seed, and died?


Ok - so I think I had it right then :slight_smile: and that is a great sequencing diagram.

And yes a single flower/sprout/twig would be much more workable.


I actually wanted to use this movement type for the butterfly life cycle but someone already had that idea and now I think the individual pieces would be either too tiny or too crowded.