Competition shortlist - New Poll - let us know what you think, vote and comment


The Poll is open! Let us know who you think should win - we like all of them - in fact we liked a lot more than these 6, but a short-list is not a long-list!

Tell us which ones you think are most awesome, and we’ll weigh that together with our own opinions on awesomeness and with practical concerns in selecting the winner.

Note we won’t be selecting a winner until some time after the Kickstarter campaign ends, currently Johnathan and I are lined up to work on the winning concept in December.

Update 23rd Sept
It’s clear from the voting patterns and IP addresses that a bunch of VanessaTremain’s friends registered just to vote for Transforming Animals. This wasn’t against any explicit rules, but it is against the spirit of the competition. Also as it turns out in discussion with Johnathan this idea would have been very challenging to animate. So I’m re-opening the poll with just 5 options, since the previous poll data was too skewed to be useful.

  • Octopus - by BlueOctopus forum
  • Sea you Trout! - by Melinda forum
  • Evolution and Devolution of Man - by r17z forum
  • Flowers and Bees - by BlueOctopus forum
  • Newtonian Penguins by Jerry forum

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