LIFE - Birth-growing-walking through life-aging-death



Birth-growing-walking through life-aging-death…

Sorry about the wobble on the animation, I didn’t scan the drawing but photographed it with my phone, so it wasn’t a perfect circle.

About the character, it would be a generic stick man.


Disregard the cane, briefcase and walker. The character would go from crawling, to standing, to running, to walking (adult) to hunching over as he walks, then falls to knees to crawl to the grave.

The tombstone would morph to a crib and back.


Maybe the crib/tombstone could be bigger and the character doesn’t have to walk such a long distance away and back (less frames).


Great work making the gif - I adjusted it to run at the slowest comfortable strobe speed of 25fps, this is a new thing for me, you were fist to ask about gif speed. I will make sure all future gifs run at 25fps.

So I’m not sure - you’re limited to a double-plex by the grave transforming to cradle - so the person has to move quite rapidly


Well… they say LIFE goes by SO QUICKLY! LOL