Rules, Legal, FAQ



  • Common sense folks! if we see anything offensive, lewd, stupid, etc, etc… we’ll remove it and perhaps you from the forum.

  • Be respectful when giving feedback - again we’ll remove rude comments and possibly the user making them.

  • Be accepting of feedback - take it on the chin, then think about it. Yes someone has just suggested your baby is not perfect, or possibly not viable, and in fact that’s very likely. That’s the nature of it, developing animation loops is an iterative process. Whether everyone’s feedback will be useful is another matter of course - but consider it, it might make all the difference.

  • Don’t feed any trolls If someone is rude, don’t respond in your topic, that will just pollute the discussion. Report the comment and we’ll remove it.

Rules / Fine Print

  • How do we contact winners? using the email address they registered on this forum with. We won’t use your email for anything else, the only other emails you will receive will be automatically generated forum emails according to your preferences; if you’re following a topic for example.

  • The 4-Mation team will decide on the winning animation idea, obviously idea-topic-likes and the poll votes will influence our decision, but we might not choose the most popular idea.

  • The poll opens and submissions close when we judge we have enough well developed ideas to select from. We expect most ideas will need work before we’d consider them ready to start modelling. So it will depend on how many entries we get and how quickly they develop

  • The winning idea will be decided once we’ve had a significant number of votes in the poll. How many? we don’t know, but we would like to run two competitions before launch early 2018, so again it will depend on how many people vote and how quickly.

  • The draw will take place once we’ve selected a winning idea. We’ll take a census of all the forum members who liked an idea topic, or voted in the poll, and they’ll all go into a draw (once per user), and the draw winner will be announced together with the winning idea.

  • There are weeks of person hours taking a 2D story board through to a printed animation. Given how busy we’ll be setting up for the Kickstarter campaign, prizes might not be delivered until after the campaign, although they will definitely be the first machines out the door.


  • Can I submit more than one idea? Yes

  • What happens if I submit more than one idea? There’s only one winner per competition, but ideas that don’t win in one competition will automatically be part of the next competition, and they will benefit from all the extra time to gain feedback and evolve.

  • Do ideas have to have a story-board wheel? no, but it will certainly help.


  • Copyright i); by submitting your idea on this forum, you are putting it into the public domain and granting us permission to use it as we like for purposes of including it in our animation library and distributing it free to all our customers.

  • Copyright ii): we won’t consider ideas that rely on copyrighted material. One of the principle aims of the competition is to add winning animations to our library and make them freely available to all our customers. Therefore we can’t consider any ideas relying on existing copyright. That means no comic heroes, no Warhammer, no StarWars, no StarTrek, no Doctor Who, no Harry Potter, no My Little Pony, no Rick and Morty, etc, etc, etc, …
    Maybe someday we’ll get an official tie-in with someone, but for now, original ideas only.