Surf and Turf (see image)



The precarious life of a hungry crab…


Ok, just saw the carousel template.
So in order to enter, this image would not meet requirements, correct?
Just want to make sure, since I think it’s about the animation sequence most and foremost? or is it about a frame by frame precise finished result?
In this case, I did the pie sections of main keyframes in a perspective view.
But if I have to work on the frame by frame top view, I guess I will do it.


Nice concept and well illustrated - but in this form not very practical for a 20 frame zoetrope.

20 frames is very short, it’s over in less than a second - so to make animations that aren’t too jerky we need to “multiplex” them - see the explanation here in the forum and our video on youtube

That is, the characters in the animation should have a path - which can be divided up - and multiple versions of the character at different stages in the animation story run at the same time. That way each “version” of the character has all 20 frames to do just a portion of the animation.

In this case the crab has potential - it has a nice closed loop path, so we could run multiple crabs - but the problems come with the surf and with the dead fish.


yes the concept and sequence is the most important thing - but certainly when considering two ideas that I like equally - the idea that has the more detailed plan will win.


Ok, gotit!
I counted the time, but never contemplated the fact that to close the loop I would need twice as much time.
I think I wouldn’t have made the mistake if I had seen the template first.
I think the initial idea I had of the life of a human would have worked better, since the whole aging process is a multiplex… I’ll work on that one instead. First with the template, then maybe a perspective view (one frame) to design the character.
I was thinking generic 3d stick like figure, like the ones used for presentations, in order to make it less gender oriented.
But that would also mean it would less interesting on regards to character design and colors… hmmm.


When I create the animated gif of the rotation, how long should each frame be? 0.1 secs? more? less?


slowest speed should be 0.04s per frame (equivalent to 25fps or 25 strobes per second) since a slower strobe rate than that is hard on the eyes.

The top speed of the zoetrope is about 33fps/sps - and at that speed the strobes are starting to become almost un-noticeable - so ideally the animation would still look good at 0.03s per frame.